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My Formal & Official Hola

Let me begin by telling you how much I love love. I love loving my husband, Scott and my two beautiful babies, Mia and Remy. My little clan has shown me what it means to be fully immersed in unconditional love.

I love to make things beautiful.

I love sharing my gift with couples embarking on life’s greatest journey.

I just love being surrounded by love.

I started working with flowers when I was in high school. Later in life I took office jobs but knew they weren’t for me. I was always doing projects on the side to explore my creativity. I finally took matters into my own hands and started doing flowers and other creative projects for friends and family. This is where I discovered my true joy and passion. I then attended the San Francisco School of Flower Design. After that, it was just me, an empty garage, and a few buckets of flowers every week. Life literally began to blossom, and here I am.

I really love where I am and adore what I have. I feel so fortunate to have found my path in life – making someone’s visions come to life.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me!!!