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I love my clients and getting to know them is half the fun, please meet em:

Love From Austin…

Introducing Meredith and Matt

I met Meredith, Matt and Meredith’s sweet folks a few months back to collaborate on design for their wedding. They’re just super sweet and laid back. I instantly connected with the bride and gave her a big hug as we had been communicating back and forth for months without meeting in person.

Meredith and Matt met Halloween of 2005.  Both came with friends. Girl scout and pilot were introduced and  love got the best of them. Six years later, to date, the couple was vacationing in Las Vegas. During a dramatic performance of the Bellagio fountains, Matt turned to Meredith and popped the question.

“I knew Matt was the one the moment that I met him. He is smart, funny and is the most loving and caring man I have ever met. He is my best friend.” -Meredith

“Meredith lets me be myself and, no matter what that entails, she still loves me unconditionally.” -Matt

This beautiful couple will be married TOMORROW!!! Their venue is as romantic as it gets. The historical Queen Anne victorian style home, surrounded by lush gardens, overlooks the Monterey Bay Harbor. The Perry House will be the perfect place to decorate and watch these two love birds unite!!

Meredith and Matt have been a joy to work with and I just simply adore these two.

Best of luck to the future Mr. and Mrs. Henry, the pleasure has been all mine.





Love From Oakland…

Introducing Erika and Oscar

This super sweet couple have had their eye on each other since 9th grade. Erika and Oscar met in Spanish class but neither could work up enough nerve to say hi but on the last day of school that year Erika passed him her digits and they fell in love by phone all summer long.

The proposal took place in front of a romantic, open vineyard in Napa and these two have been planning ever since. When you’re around these two you can tell they fell in love as kids. They are adorable to one another and have kept that young love glow.

The love birds will be married August 3rd, 2013 at the stunning Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland (check out the architecture at this breathtaking church) with a reception to follow at Canyon View in San Ramon.

Erika is a health coordinator and Oscar is a project manager in San Francisco. They have 2 babies of the Chihuahua breed and love camping, going to baseball games and traveling.

These two are gracious and kind and a joy to work with. I can’t wait for their big day!!

Congrats Erika and Oscar! Thank you for letting us be a part of your super duper big day!


Love From Venice…

Introducing Emily and Federico

After working with Emily on her wedding design via email for some time, I finally had the pleasure to meet with her in person last week. She was joined by her fiance, her mother Marla and her future mother-in-law, Francesca. Emily and Federico couldn’t be cuter. They’re funny, kind and love to laugh. We had so much fun stomping around The Carneros Inn in Napa where Emily and Federico have enjoyed vacationing and where the wedding will take place. Wow, what a gorgeous, to die for venue. Every turn we took was breathtaking.

Emily is a designer at an architectual  firm in Venice, CA and Federico is an athletic director and soccer coach . They live in Los Angeles and love traveling to wine country.

Here’s their story:

“Federico asked me out in front of Mr. Stolper’s class when we were in 8th grade at Paul Revere, 1996. There were a bunch of people watching. It was exactly how you picture a middle school relationship starting. I accepted his modest proposal to be his girlfriend. We then held hands as we walked from Mr. Stolper’s class to Ms. Winograd’s class, he would give me an awkward kiss and go on to PE. This lasted all of two weeks. Then Fed went on a family trip to Italy. He called me a couple times. It all seemed very grown up. He came home and dumped me in front of the school snack shop. We remained close friends through high school, best friends through college, and then we fell in love. Federico asked me to marry him Monday, January 23rd, 2012 in the exact location he asked me to be his middle school girlfriend 16 years earlier.” -Emily

Why he/she’s the one:

“Fed has been my ‘one’ for as long as I can remember.  There’s really no one in the world who knows me better and embraces me more.  He’s the funniest person I’ve ever met, he is selfless and caring, and he’s going to be the greatest father and husband ever!” -Emily

“Every experience, no matter what it is, I want to share with Emily because she makes it so much more enjoyable. She is beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful. The best part of my day is coming home to her, our home, and our Messi (our dog).” -Federico

Emily and Federico will wed on March 16, 2013. Check out their website here. Their very talented photographer is Sonya Yruel. Emily is a big DIY’er and is doing a lot of hands on work for the big day. I couldn’t be more excited for March 16th!!

Congratulations Emily and Federico!!


Love From Sonoma…

Introducing Danielle and Logan

I met Danielle and her mom, Carolann, for our first consultation and instantly knew I had to work with them! Lots of energy and love comin’ from this family. We have lots of planning and designing to do but can’t wait to make Danielle and Logan’s wedding come to life. The wedding falls on July 5th, 2013 at the white barn at Oak Hill Farm. The white barn is a charming setting for a magical ceremony and rustic, family style dinner reception. Hear their adorable story below.


“Danielle puts up with my faults, and with a smile on her face! She supports my hobbies, even though she may not be as equally enthused. She has always been a great cook, which is a huge plus. Last, but not least, she’s beautiful.” -Logan

“Logan accepts me in my entirety, the good and the bad. He has always been supportive of all of my endeavors. I know that as we grow old together, he will continue to allow me to grow and that is such a wonderful quality in a person. And of course, he has a great smile that always makes me light up.” -Danielle


How they met:

“Believe it or not, we met on a blind date! My boss at the time was the niece of Logan’s boss, and she was great at playing match maker. She tried to get me to call Logan, but I was too shy and had never been on a blind date before. Finally, she stopped by Logan’s work and told him about me. He was hesitant at first because he too had never been set up by someone before, but once she told him I had red hair, he was hooked. Logan met me on my lunch break and we had a great time chatting in the park in downtown Sonoma. We were inseparable from that point on. Our wedding on July 5th will mark five years together since the day we met.” – Danielle

The proposal:

“Our fourth anniversary was quickly approaching and I had had the engagement ring for a couple weeks, so I was just waiting for the right time to present itself. I had wanted to get her family involved and luckily enough, she convinced her parents to join us for fireworks in Sebastopol on July 3rd. With my mom and family friends also attending, everything seemed to fall into place. I wanted to propose to her just as the fireworks finale began, but the firework show was so good, I kept thinking I was missing the moment. So I decided the heck with it, and I handed her the jewelry box. Danielle’s reaction? She threw a blanket over her head and said “Oh my god!”. Luckily, once she came out of hiding, she said Yes, just as the finale started.” -Logan

I haven’t met the groom yet but look forward to it. Not sure if it was Danielle’s gorgeous red locks (having a red-headed kiddo of my own) or the big hug she gave me as soon as we met me but I just knew she a super special bride and I’m honored to be a part of their day!

Congratulations love birds!!

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